Dear readers,

Until recently, I worked as a temp, and more often than not I had plenty of time to devote to “royal watching:” staying up until all hours of the night to catch live streams, spending time researching the royals and their history and crafting posts to share with you, and even occasionally shopping to create a new RepliKate outfit – both to make my wardrobe more like Kate’s and hopefully inspire you, whom I have always called my lovely readers, do the same. It was easy when I didn’t really have anywhere to be the next day.

However, in January, I took on a new temp job, and in May, they hired me. I am incredibly thankful to have a full-time job, but by the Spring, my workload had increased to the point that I was working an hour of overtime each day – and with an hour for lunch, that meant I was spending ten hours a day at the office. (And on top of that, I sort of fell into the role of co-director of the children’s program at my church.) Unfortunately, my situation, which at present shows no sign of changing, no longer spares me much opportunity to watch live streams that begin when I should be in bed. (I confess that I have never been much of a morning person.) And as I have always prided myself on doing due research on a topic before I write, this left me without much to say on several topics, from the christening of Prince Oscar and Princess Charlotte’s appearance at Trooping the Colour to rumors of Emperor Akihito’s desire to abdicate and the usual gathering of royals at this summer’s Olympic Games.

I should have said something much sooner. I have been humbled by the number of visitors to this blog, and have always intended to treat you as well as I feel you have treated me. I am very sorry that I have not done so.

I don’t want to close this blog permanently, nor do I want to let it sort of fade into nothingness. I hope to update occasionally, but as I can’t predict the future, I can’t say anything concrete.

Thank you all so much for believing anything I have had to say was worth your time.