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The cabinet of Sweden met Thursday in honor of the birth of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia’s son, and his names were announced. His full style and title is His Royal Highness Prince Alexander Erik Hubertus Bertil, Duke of Södermanland.

The announcement from the Royal Court can be read here.

The announcement does not explain who he is named after, so Alexander may simply be a name they both liked. Erik is the name of Sofia’s father, and Bertil is one of Carl Philip’s middle names (Carl Philip Edmund Bertil) and the name of Prince Bertil of Sweden, Carl Gustaf’s uncle and one of Carl Philip’s godfathers.

The ducal titles in Sweden are mostly in name only, and only high-ranking members of the Swedish Royal Family are given them. The names are taken from the historical provinces of Sweden (though most of these historical provinces don’t exist as such anymore); the last Duke of Södermanland was Prince William of Sweden, son of King Gustaf V.

The first photo of Alexander has been shared by the Royal Court, which you can see here.

Länge leve Prins Alexander!
(Long live Prince Alexander!)