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The cabinet of Sweden met today in honor of the birth of Princess Madeleine’s son, and his names were announced. His full style and title is His Royal Highness Prince Nicolas Paul Gustaf, Duke of Ångermanland.

The announcement from the Royal Court can be read here, along with a picture of Nicolas that was made available yesterday.

The announcement does not explain who he is named after, but after Leonore was born, Madeleine and Chris said that Leonore was a named they loved, and I presume the same is true for Nicolas. Paul is Christopher’s middle name as well as the first name of Chris’ father (Paul Cesario O’Neill) and grandfather (Paul Holian O’Neill), and Gustaf is the second name of Madeleine’s father King Carl XVI Gustaf as well as the first name of Carl’s father (Prince Gustaf Adolf) and grandfather (King Gustaf VI Adolf).

The ducal titles in Sweden are mostly in name only, and only high-ranking members of the Swedish Royal Family are given them. (Crown Princess Victoria did not receive one at birth like her siblings did, but was granted one in 1980 when she was instated as Crown Princess due to the constitutional amendment establishing absolute primogeniture.) The names are taken from the historical provinces of Sweden (though most of these historical provinces don’t exist as such anymore); this is the first time a Swedish royal has been given the duchy of Ångermanland.

No video of the cabinet meeting has been made available by the Royal Court, but SVT has a video here that can be watched for one year from today.

Länge leve Prins Nicolas!
(Long live Prince Nicolas!)