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Video courtesy CNN.

This morning was the annual Trooping the Colour parade in London, which serves as Queen Elizabeth II’s official birthday parade (her actual birthday is April 21). It also hearkens back to an old infantry tradition in which a regiment’s flag (or “colours”) were “trooped” through the ranks so soldiers would be able to recognize it in battle.

After the regiment (this year it was the Welsh Guards, who are celebrating the 100th anniversary of their commissioning) marched past The Queen, the Royals return to Buckingham Palace for a balcony appearance and a flypast by the Royal Air Force. And this year, Prince George made his very first balcony appearance, just a few weeks before his 2nd birthday. He pointed at the crowd and waved, and seemed to be fascinated by the planes that flew overhead. After the flypast, the Royal Family went back inside. (The flypast – and the balcony appearance by extension – would have lasted longer, but some of the antique planes were held back due to the threat of rain.)

I highly recommend watching Trooping the Colour at least once. The precision of the soldiers is fascinating, but my favorite thing is the mounted band of the Household Cavalry – a marching band mounted on horseback.