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I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a RepliKate, but to be honest, Kate spends most of her time being a mother to a toddler these days, we don’t see her all that often. But even though this feature is called “RepliKate,” I’ll definitely share about other royals’ style as well, which brings us to today: a “RepliQueen.”

One of the jewels that is worn often by Queen Margrethe II of Denmark is a floral aigrette tiara that she inherited from her mother, Queen Ingrid. An aigrette is a type of brooch that can be used to embellish a hat or a turban, usually to fasten a feather. They were also used as hair accessories, back in the days when ladies would wear giant feathers in their hair. (If you’ve ever seen Princess Astrid of Norway’s Feather Aigrette – aka the “antenna tiara” – imagine it holding up a couple of feathers.)

You can check out Ella Kay’s Court Jeweler page for a history of Margrethe’s Floral Aigrette, but one of the great things about this tiara is its flexibility, an attribute that actually makes it one of my favorite tiaras.

Claire’s (an accessories store, and sort of the “little sister” to Icing, a store I’ve mentioned in past RepliKates) is selling what they call a “hair swag.” Because it’s jointed in three pieces, each with its own clip, it allows you to be flexible in how you wear it, much like Margrethe’s tiara. And even though it’s not floral like Margrethe’s, from far off it even looks like a smaller version of the Floral Aigrette. They also have a pearl hair swag, though it only has clips on the two end pieces.

I personally don’t own it yet, but I plan to keep track of it in the hopes of catching a sale.