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Video courtesy MonacoInfo on YouTube.

Prince Albert II of Monaco took to YouTube to announce the birth of his children and thank the people of Monaco and the world for their good wishes. (Albert’s message in English begins at 1:02.) Also, the Princely Palace has formally begun a period of celebration – the same one they mentioned last month, with bunting and flags – which will end when Albert and Charlene present the twins to the principality on January 7. (In the past, other Monegasque princely children were presented at about a month old as well.)

Finally, the people of Monaco are invited to come to the Palace and sign guest books as a way of sending their congratulations, but if you don’t live anywhere near Monaco, you may send a note to secr2s@ palais.mc (Just remove the space after the @, which I have done in order to prevent spamming of the princely inbox.)