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Les Carabiniers du Prince firing cannons from Fort Antoine to mark the birth of the Princely Twins.

Photo courtesy France Bleu Azur on Twitter.

Today, at just after 5 PM Monaco time, Princess Charlene gave birth to her twins, a girl and a boy.

Their names are Princess Gabriella Thérèse Marie and Hereditary Prince Jacques Honoré Rainier. As the Hereditary Prince and heir, Jacques also receives the title Marquis of Baux and as 2nd in line, Gabriella receives the title Countess of Carladès. (The Grimaldis hold many French titles, though some have become extinct and the Grimaldis hold them in pretence.)
Even though Gabriella was born about two minutes ahead of her brother, because Monaco still practices male-preference primogeniture, Jacques is the new Hereditary Prince and Albert’s heir. (I confess I would love to see this changed before the babies become too much older.)
But all that matters is that Charlene and the twins are healthy. Félicitations (congratulations) to the happy family!