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At 10:30 this morning Madrid time, King Felipe VI (who has been king since midnight, when Juan Carlos’ abdication bill went into effect) was sworn in before the Cortes Generales, or Spanish Parliament. Before the ceremony, Juan Carlos presented Felipe with the red sash of Captain General (or Commander-in-Chief) of the Spanish Armed Forces.

Now that Felipe is King, his elder daughter Leonor is the very first royal daughter to hold the title of Princess of Asturias in her own right. (However, Spain still practices male-first primogeniture, so if Letizia ever gives birth to a boy, he will become Prince of Asturias unless Felipe and the Spanish Parliament changes the law.)

The official YouTube channel of the Spanish Monarchy has posted video of today’s ceremonies and the parade that followed. In case embedding doesn’t work, you can watch it here.

Video courtesy Casa Real.

Muchas gracias (thank you) to the Spanish Royal Court for making the video available so quickly.

¡Viva el Rey Felipe y Reina Letizia!
(Long live King Felipe and Queen Letizia!)