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Thank goodness somebody found some livestream news, because I was thinking that we’d only get pictures or video after the fact.

However, Spanish broadcaster RTVE has a web stream that will be running for the abdication and proclamation festivities. I believe everything abdication-related will be broadcast on Channel 1. Here is a description of everything RTVE will be broadcasting between the 18th and 19th. The Spanish Monarchy has provided a PDF with the schedule and other information, but it’s in Spanish (and Google Translate can’t handle PDFs), so if you can understand Spanish, it’s here.

After the proclamation (there will be no “coronation,” per se, and no foreign royals have been invited), Felipe and Letizia’s elder daughter Leonor will become Princess of Asturias, and Juan Carlos and Sofia will become “honorary” king and queen.

Hat tip to Order of Splendor for the legwork.

I’m a little bummed that the proclamation itself won’t take place until Thursday, as Wednesday is my birthday, and so far we already have two royal weddings on the 19th. But what can you do, right?