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Today is Father’s Day in the United States, so it’s especially wonderful that the Grand Ducal Court of Luxembourg announced this morning that Princess Claire of Luxembourg gave birth to a little girl today. This is the first child for both Prince Félix and Princess Claire, and the third grandchild for Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa.

Princess Amalia Gabriela Maria Teresa is also the first girl born in the Luxembourgish Grand Ducal Family with succession rights; Amalia is currently third in line behind her father. Originally, Luxembourg practiced male-only succession, though they switched to absolute primogeniture in 2011 (Amalia’s aunt Princess Alexandra was not born in the line of succession but was added in 2011, ahead of her younger brother).

Additionally, the title Prince (or Princess) of Luxembourg is reserved for the children of the reigning Grand Duke/Duchess and of the heir to the throne, so Amalia is a Princess of Nassau and a Princess of Bourbon-Parma, two royal houses of which the Luxembourgish Grand Ducal Family are members.

Félicitatiounen (Congratulations) to Félix and Claire!