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Friends and family of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge gathered today in the Chapel Royal at St. James’ Palace for the christening of Prince George.

Due to the size of the chapel (it’s tiny), only five members of the royal family (The Queen, Princes Philip, Charles, and Harry, and Camilla; six, if you include Zara Phillips) were present for the ceremony. Also present were Kate’s parents, brother, and sister, the seven people William and Kate had chosen to be George’s godparents, and their spouses. No foreign royals were in attendance: while it’s tradition on the continent for royal children to be given royal godparents from other nations, the UK likes to do their own thing, and William and Kate wanted to stick to their close circle of friends.

Reportedly no media was allowed in the chapel, so we will likely never see video of the ceremony. Some pictures from before and after have already surfaced, but none of the portraits taken for the event. A small gallery of photos can be seen here, and a short video can be seen here. I’m keenly looking forward to a 2013 version of this photo, featuring four generations of the British Royal Family, but we may have to wait for that.

Pictured: Queen Victoria; her son Albert Edward, Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII); his son Prince George, Duke of York (later King George V); and George’s son baby Prince Edward of York (later King Edward VIII, later Duke of Windsor).