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Yesterday, Prince Félix of Luxembourg married his German fiancée Claire Lademacher in a civil ceremony in Königstein, Germany. According to wort.lu, it is a Luxembourgish tradition to marry near the bride’s home. (The Luxembourg City wedding of Félix’s brother Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume last year was an exception as he is heir to the throne.)

Because Félix is the second son of Grand Duke Henri, the wedding didn’t have all the pomp and media coverage of Guillaume’s wedding. However, it was probably the most adorable civil ceremony I’ve seen yet.

Claire’s witness for the ceremony was Félix’s sister Princess Alexandra, and Félix’s witness was Claire’s brother, also named Felix. After the ceremony, the bride and groom took off in a cozy (read: teensy) microcar.

You can see some pictures of the ceremony here. A religious ceremony will take place this weekend in France.

Félicitatiounen (Congratulations) to the happy couple!