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Look! Baby’s first wave at an adoring public! (Hat tip to @DiannaMcD on Twitter.)

Well, that was fast.

Considering that William’s name wasn’t announced for a week, Charles’ wasn’t announced for a full month, and William had said they wanted to get to know their son before saddling him with a name he’ll use for his whole life, I figured that we’d have a good wait before we knew the little prince’s name.

It was announced today that the baby’s full style and title is His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge. If he ever finds himself needing a last name, it will be Mountbatten-Windsor, though in recent years British royals with a territorial designation attached to their name (e.g., York, Wales, Wessex) have tended to use that in place of a last name as well. (William is known at RAF Anglesey as Flight Lieutenant William Wales; he used that name before he became Duke of Cambridge and didn’t want to change it after.)

Contrary to some news reports earlier this week, George is not “Prince of Cambridge,” “the Prince of Cambridge,” or even “a Prince of Cambridge,” as Cambridge has already been established as a royal dukedom, and if George were “Prince of Cambridge,” that would mean he would outrank a Duke of Cambridge (in this case, George’s father). Instead, George’s style is the same as that of his first cousins once removed Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie of York, daughters of the Duke of York.

The announcement doesn’t list the reasoning behind George’s names, but George is most likely for his great-great-grandfather, King George VI. Louis is one of William’s middle names and is for Louis Mountbatten, a relative of Prince Philip who Prince Charles was very close with. Alexander is a bit of a mystery, though the best theory I’ve seen is that it’s the masculine form of Alexandra, one of Queen Elizabeth’s middle names.

Reports are that new mothers all across the United Kingdom were waiting to see what William and Kate were going to name their child before naming their own, so hopefully those little boys won’t have to go nameless for much longer.

Long live Prince George!