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To begin, if you would like to relive the wedding festivities (or you missed them the first time), you can rewatch the SVT coverage (standard, subtitled, or with sign language interpretation) for a limited time. The videos will expire 28 days after the wedding (which I believe, will be sometime around the first weekend in July).

Photo by Frankie Fouganthin. (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Princess Madeleine of Sweden married British-American banker Christopher O’Neill in the Royal Chapel of Stockholm’s Royal Palace on Saturday afternoon. As royal weddings go, this was a relatively small ceremony, but it was completely sweet and full of love for the bride and groom and between them.

Madeleine’s wedding was completely different from her sister Victoria’s, reflecting her status as fourth in line to the Swedish throne and Chris’ decision to turn down royal rank. However, Madeleine made sure to add plenty of… shall we say, “splashy” touches to her day. She walked down the aisle on the arm of her father to singing from a children’s choir, and the recessional was a troupe of folk violin players who played a wedding march from Hälsingland (Madeleine is the Duchess of Gästrikland and Hälsingland). Most of the ceremony was performed in English, probably for the benefit of Chris’ relatives (and to the enjoyment of this American), and I enjoyed being able to read the Swedish subtitles as it was being spoken so I could try and pick out the meaning, though my Swedish skills are still virtually nonexistent.

In accordance with his desire to stay away from official royal rank, Chris was appointed as a Knight Commander of the Order of the Polar Star, a chivalric order that ranks third in precedence of Swedish orders (behind the Royal Order of the Seraphim and the now-dormant Order of the Sword) and is usually granted to foreigners and junior members of royal families. (The Order of the Seraphim is the highest royal chivalric order in Sweden and is granted to members of the Swedish Royal Family, foreign heads of state, and some foreign royal heirs. Prince Daniel was named to the Order of the Seraphim on his wedding day and wore the sash and star of the order as he and Victoria left Stockholm Cathedral.)

While Madeleine looked gorgeous in her Valentino lace gown and veil, I had fun just watching Chris during the broadcast. He started out a little tentative as he walked up the spring green carpet to the chapel, fought back tears as Madeleine was escorted by her father up the aisle, and then after the ceremony, started to get a little silly. He and Madeleine stood on a small platform outside the palace for their “balcony moment,” and he worked the crowd, asking them if they wanted one more kiss. By the end of the couple’s carriage ride through the streets of Stockholm, he was waving at the people with both arms and almost his entire upper body.

Photo by Bengt Nyman. (CC BY 2.0)

Madeleine and Chris will continue to live in New York, where both of them work. Apparently any of their children could lose succession rights unless they are raised in Sweden as Protestants (Chris is Roman Catholic), but considering that Madeleine, as the King and Queen’s youngest child, will continue to work her way down the line of succession as her elder siblings have children, it may not be necessary to keep her own children in line for the throne… but that’s just speculation and a decision for them to make when the time comes.

Anyway, grattis/congratulations to the happy couple, and varmt tack/warm thanks for sharing your special day with us.

A quick note: A huge thank you to all my lovely readers and to those who just discovered this blog for the first time this past weekend. Saturday brought the most page views this blog has ever had in its almost 18-months of existence. I’m still relatively new to the blogging game, and seeing my page view stats go through the roof was a lovely surprise to cap off a lovely day. I’m so glad my blog was able to help so many join in on the festivities through the wedding web stream.