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As promised, I have kept an eye on news regarding a live web stream of the royal wedding between Princess Madeleine of Sweden and Chris O’Neill. While nothing was ever blatantly announced, I do have good news: SVT will be streaming the wedding live worldwide via their online player SVT Play. (For those interested in Swedish television, many regular programs are also available for worldwide viewing.)

A search for relevant programming (that is to say, I ran a search for the word “Madeleine”) has turned up three separate programs, all live: one “standard,” one subtitled (I’m assuming in Swedish), and one with interpretation in sign language (again, I’m assuming Swedish Sign Language). I may end up watching the subtitled version, as I’m getting better at picking meanings out of written Swedish, but if all I do is hear it, I still have little to no clue what’s being said.

Just three days to go! If you still need to convert the time to your local time zone, SVT’s dedicated royal wedding site states their televised coverage will begin at 3:00 PM Stockholm time. This converts to 6:00 AM Pacific Time, or 9:00 AM Eastern Time. You can convert any other locations here.