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With the wedding of Princess Madeleine of Sweden and Mr. Christopher O’Neill just three weeks away, the royal court announced yesterday that Christopher wishes to remain working in business as a private citizen and to not pursue Swedish citizenship (he is already a United Kingdom/United States dual citizen). For these reasons, he cannot take Madeleine’s titles and become Prince of Sweden and Duke of Gastrikland and Hälsingland.

The idea of men marrying into their royal wives’ titles is still new in Sweden; the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel was the first such case. However, Prince Daniel was already a Swedish citizen and stepped down as the CEO of the gym company that he owned before his wedding. Apparently in Sweden, members of the royal court are not allowed to be involved in business. (That’s probably for the best, as it decreases the likelihood of a conflict of interest.)

With that in mind, it is likely that after the wedding Madeleine will be known as Princess Madeleine, Mrs. O’Neill. Three of King Carl XVI Gustaf’s sisters married non-royals and lost the title of Princess of Sweden and the right to use the style of Royal Highness because their marriages were not approved by the reigning King. (They were allowed to use “Princess” before their names as an honorific.) Madeleine’s marriage has been approved by Carl Gustaf, so she may not lose her style and title; something more definitive may be announced in the next three weeks.

Furthermore, the Swedish Royal Court has also published a website devoted to the wedding (Swedish language version here) and released the couple’s monogram.

Courtesy kungahuset.se. Monogram designed by Vladimir A. Sagerlund.

The wedding will take place June 8, at 4 PM Stockholm time, or 7 AM California time. Still no word yet on a web stream.