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I know I said these princesses were in “no particular order,” but that’s not entirely true. I figured it’d be too obvious if I started with Kate – the princess that I write about most of all – right off the bat.

Of the princesses I’m listing, Kate (officially known as Princess William of Wales, Duchess of Cambridge, etc.) is the newest, but I enjoy her fresh approach to princessdom. She is very open to doing walkabouts and visiting with the people that come to see her at appearances. She’s very low-key as a royal so far – eschewing servants and overly-extravagant homes – but that will change as William moves up the ranks and takes on more royal duties. This may also sound like an odd thing to say, but she’s very uninhibited as a royal. She’s not afraid to try a native dance or a custom-designed smoothie, things I can’t say I’d be able to do if I were in her shoes. I can’t say I’d be able to laugh at a forced joke or hear 75 people say the exact same thing to me. Maybe it’s something they teach in princess lessons.) And, as must be patently obvious by now, I love her style. It’s classy yet modern and isn’t bogged down in cutesy additions. I think she’s making a strong yet quiet start as a royal, and I’m excited to see what she does as a full-time royal.

Photo by Tom Soper (CC BY 2.0)

Last, but certainly not least is little Princess Isabella of Denmark. She’s only 6 as of this writing, but she’s probably the cutest royal out there right now (the Dutch troika of Amalia, Alexia and Ariane come close, though), and (to put it flippantly) teaches the masterclass of Royal Adorableness. We don’t get to see her much, being 6 and all, but when we do, she’s a little ball of spirit. (I refer you to the summer 2010 photocall at Gråsten Slot, when the paparazzi caught Isabella licking a window.) You just never know what thing she’s going to try to get away with next…

Photo by Bill Ebbesen. (CC BY 3.0)