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With the abdication of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and subsequent inauguration of King Willem-Alexander fast approaching (April 30) and the marriage of Princess Madeleine of Sweden not long after that (June 8), news is starting to be announced regarding live streams of these events.

Dutch broadcaster NOS has scheduled four live streams on their NOS Konigshuis YouTube account, including an interview with Willem-Alexander and Máxima and a documentary about Beatrix’s reign. I have not heard of anything else, but other means of watching online may present themselves in the next few weeks. I suggest subscribing to their YouTube account, so their videos are more likely to show up when you log in.

A little further north, Sweden is preparing for the wedding of Princess Madeleine to her British-American fiance, Chris O’Neill, and Swedish broadcaster SVT has announced that they have the rights to broadcast the wedding. It’s still a little early for more details, but SVT also broadcasted Crown Princess Victoria’s wedding and last month’s funeral for Princess Lilian, and offered web streams for both events. (Additionally, the invitations, sent out on April 1, list the dress code as white tie, which means all sorts of pomp and circumstance, gowns, orders, and tiaras! My little sparkle-loving heart is very pleased right now.)