I apologize to anyone who has tried to navigate the site recently and seen many missing images. I just received an email from Flickr informing me of a software bug they discovered that may have potentially affected the privacy settings of any photos uploaded toward the end of last year, and in attempts to minimize privacy concerns, Flickr automatically changed the privacy of some of my photos to “private,” which, it turns out, changes the filename of my photos and breaks all the links to places where they have been embedded, namely here.

I am in the process of fixing all of the broken Flickr links. Hopefully there won’t be too many. (Any photos uploaded from official sources like the Swedish Royal Court page can’t be fixed, as they become unavailable after a time. I unfortunately can’t do anything about that.)

As a way of apology, I offer a picture that is of the internet’s highest currency: cats. Specifically my cat.

Zoe, snoozing in the sunlight at the foot of my bed. Photo by me.