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Happy New Year! 2012 was a wonderful year, not only for me personally, but in the world of royal news, and 2013 holds promise to be just as exciting. Not only that, yesterday marked the first anniversary of this site! (Part of me feels like I should get a cake or something to celebrate…)

New Year’s Eve, for me at least, is a great opportunity to get dressed up and have some fun; to see the new year in and the old year out in style. But trying to find an outfit that is appropriate (and stylish) without being too fussy can be a challenge. I know I’ve been there before. With that in mind, today I give you an outfit suitable for any occasion, yet easy enough to put together and just about endlessly customizable. However, as the title points out, it’s not your typical RepliKate… more like a “RepliCasiraghi.”

The outfit is based on one that Charlotte Casiraghi (daughter of Caroline, The Princess of Hanover, and niece of Prince Albert II of Monaco) wore to a gala dinner at Valencia, Spain’s Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. It basically consists of a black tee (or tank top) under a loose black blazer paired with black slim-fit (or skinny) trousers and black heels.

The real credit for this goes to Mandy at The Royal Representative. She posted the outfit first for her site’s feature Haute Royale, which inspired me to give it a go. I love it and have worn it to several occasions, including to the theater.

Photo by me.

My blazer is the same Mossimo blazer from Target that I wore in the RepliKate Double Feature post, this time paired with a knit tank top (something which can be found just about anywhere) and Forever21+ skinny trousers. (I tend to buy my skinny pants on the larger side so that they don’t constrict my legs, and “normal” Forever21 pants sizes don’t go high enough.) However any black trousers will do – I believe this outfit is easily adaptable to any body type and would make anybody look chic. Also, any sort of dressy boots, heels, or wedges will work (depending on the weather or personal taste), though I love to wear my black peep-toe wedges (also seen in the RepliKate Double Feature). Finally, since you are essentially wearing a blank canvas, any sort of jewelry will work, from simple chains (like I’m wearing in the photo) to bright pops of color.

I hope 2013 brings you joy, peace, adventure, and lots of fun… and maybe some sparkle, too.