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With all due respect to the people of Luxembourg, can I just say that I’m having a really fun time using the word “Luxembourgish” all the time? It’s a word I don’t ever get to use, and I’m enjoying it. Of course, this may just be because I stayed up until 4 am California time watching the Wedding Mass, and I’m feeling a little silly. Also, this is the first royal wedding since I started this blog. I feel like I’ve hit a milestone or something.

The Luxembourgish newspaper Luxemburger Wort was my wonderful resource this weekend, as they had a livestream available of the wedding. Also, since they have an English version of their site, there was a webpage with explanations of the service in English – which was very helpful, as the webstream’s commentary was in Luxembourgish. Villmols Merci!

You can watch their highlight videos of yesterday’s civil wedding and walkabout here* and today’s religious wedding and balcony appearance here.** I don’t know if Guillaume and Stéphanie set out to beat Will and Kate at balcony kissing, or if they’re just that much in love, but the Hereditary Grand Duke and Hereditary Grand Duchess gave their adoring public three kisses. Also, with all the waving and blowing kisses to the crowd, can I just say that Stéphanie seems to be a natural at the “royal” thing?

The official wedding photo with all of the royal guests. Click for a bigger version. Photo copyright Christian Aschman / Cour grand-ducale.

The Hereditary Grand Duke and new Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg greet the crowd. Photo copyright Guy Wolff / Cour grand-ducale.

*It was super cute that Guillaume answered the mayor in French and Stéphanie answered him in Luxembourgish, which – considering that she’s Belgian – is not a language in which she’s fluent. She also read her vows to Guillaume in Luxembourgish at the religious service – and considering that the service was partly performed in French, she didn’t have to do that.
**I love her look – so beautiful. Simple from far away, intricate when seen up close, stately and feminine and every inch a princess/wife of an heir apparent – and I’m talking about everything, from her dress to her hair. Outstanding job all around.