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(Since I have readers from all over, this is bound to be spoilers for someone. With that said, the article will begin – with event results – after the image. Consider yourself warned. Whether you read the article or not, you should download Isles of Wonder (iTunes/Amazon), the album of music featured in the Opening Ceremony. I’m listening to it right now – it is phenomenal. A potential problem is that I’m having a hard time sitting still, and it may affect my ability to type.)

(Spoilers in 3, 2, 1…)

Photo by Peter J Dean (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Zara Phillips (daughter of the UK’s Princess Anne, Princess Royal, and grand-daughter of Queen Elizabeth II) and her Three-Day Eventing Team have won the silver medal. Germany won the gold, and New Zealand the bronze.

Many of Zara’s royal relatives showed up to Greenwich Park to see Zara and her teammates compete, and in a sweet moment, Princess Anne (a former Olympian and member of the International Olympic Committee) presented the medals, giving the normally reticent royal a chance to give her daughter a hug and kiss on the medal platform.

Today also featured the Individual Eventing finals, in which Zara placed eighth, meaning her competitions are at an end. Congratulations to Team GB Eventing on your silver!