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It’s not often that my love of royalty and love of baseball collide like this. (I think the only other time I’m aware of is when Prince Harry threw out the first pitch at a Mets game.) I am a huge fan of the San Francisco Giants. Living as I do in Northern California, they’re the closest I have to a hometown team. (Yes, East Bay folks, there is also the Oakland A’s, but I was raised by a Giants fan.) The Giants’ batting coach is Hensley “BamBam” Meulens, who was honored by the Kingdom of the Netherlands Friday night for his contributions to baseball and his native Curaçao (a Caribbean island nation that is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands).

Since Queen Beatrix could not be present, Meulens was inducted by representatives from the Consul General of the Netherlands as a Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau during a pre-game ceremony in front of Meulens’ family, fellow Giants, and over 42,000 Giants fans. Appropriately, Friday home games are known as Orange Fridays, when players and fans alike don orange gear that would be right at home among the Dutch.

The Giants have posted pictures from the ceremony here, and everyone in the Giants’ clubhouse has already taken to referring to Meulens as “Sir BamBam.” Congratulations to Sir Hensley (Sir BamBam), and let’s hope his newfound status doesn’t keep him from doing his job. The playoffs are only a few months away!