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Fortuitously, I have stumbled upon two Repli-Kate finds within a week, though today’s post is honestly more along the lines of Duchess on a Penny, as I am still saving up for my fast-approaching trip to London.

Ever since Kate made a visit to the Great Britain Olympic field hockey teams (you can see a slideshow here), I’ve been wanting to find an outfit similar to hers; unfortunately, silk scarves have proven to be hard to find. Kate’s scarf is a silk scarf sold in support of Team GB; I stumbled across mine in a sale bin at my local Forever 21.

My scarf

Photo by me.

If you act fast, you might be able to find this at a Forever 21 near you, but in reality any square scarf large enough will probably do the trick. I just love this scarf for its classy design (and the nonsense Latin within it).

Like I said, I have to keep shopping to a minimum, so I am making do with a blazer I already own. I have not really been in love with any of the colored jeans I’ve seen so far, so I stuck with my stalwart blue jeans, which I cuffed and paired with my black peep-toe wedges. It seems like it would be hard to wear this without it crossing over into flight-attendant uniform territory… I’m still not sure about which side of the line my outfit falls under.

Photo by me.

Photo by me.

Find #2 is more of a thematic find. One of the staple colors in this summer’s Mossimo line at Target is a rich royal blue called “Duchess Blue.” If you’ve been looking for something similar to Kate’s engagement dress but either can’t find or afford a knockoff or don’t really have an occasion that requires a dress like that (I fall under all of the above), then this may just be up your alley. They have tops, pants, sweaters, dresses, and even socks, all in that great shade of blue. Here you can find everything a site search brings up for the term “Duchess Blue.”