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So if you’ve noticed, I have been having issues with the picture of the Crown Princess’ family in little Estelle’s christening post. (Something to do with the file names changing…) It’s no matter, however, because now I come bearing videos, courtesy the Official Swedish Monarchy Vimeo & Official Danish Monarchy YouTube Accounts.

First, Princess Athena’s:

Courtesy the Danish Monarchy (Kongehuset.dk)

I like the pronunciation of Athena’s name, even if I’ll still continue to use the softer “th” sound that we have in English (and continue to call her Thena). Pronounced the Danish way, it reminds me of Attina, one of Ariel’s sisters from the Disney film The Little Mermaid, which would make a nice connection, considering the original fairy tale was first published in Copenhagen. Also, it seems the poor dear was just not having a good morning…

Next, Princess Estelle’s:

Courtesy the Swedish Monarchy (Kungahuset.se)

Stella seems like such a mellow baby, though not without her moments of adorableness.

(I’ll embed the videos as long as I can, but if they’re not working, you can see Athena’s here and Estelle’s here.)

Tusind tak (many thanks) to the Danish Monarchy and tusen tack (many thanks) to the Swedish Monarchy for sharing these videos with us.