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So my friend and fellow royal blogger Ella Kay (from the awesome sites Royal Roundup, Cambridge Chic, and Mad Hattery – which I still blame for my rather newfound obsession for diamonds) has done an amazing amount of legwork in finding out which events will be televised where, and lo and behold, TV networks here in the USA are doing entire weekends of broadcasts to mark the jubilee.

Still no updates on streaming coverage if you happen to be in an area that doesn’t get any of these networks, but I’m still hoping that something will pop up. Right now, though, I’m still happy that I can DVR the river pageant instead of having to miss a chunk of it to go to church. (Priorities, right?)

At any rate, please avail yourself of the Jubilee Weekend schedule at Ella’s site. Huge thanks to Ella for tracking all of this down and letting me share it here.