Earlier this week, I talked about how we can put on our “invisible tiaras” and be the most kind and gracious people we can be, and far be it from me to prescribe something I’m not also willing to do.

Tomorrow (April 28), thousands of people will meet in my hometown for a massive volunteer day. We don’t necessarily have the greatest public reputation; when we’re mentioned at all, it’s usually for our high car theft, drug use, or crime rates, and that’s not even taking into effect the number of high-profile cases the stories of which gripped the nation. (Seriously, on my first night at college I only had to mention the last well-known court case and everybody immediately knew where I was from.) We routinely make the lists of worst places to live in California and occasionally in the USA. In an effort to combat this and raise our city’s reputation, a local pastor planned this event, which is now held every six months and features a wide variety of service projects. It’s even spreading to somewhere around 40 other cities scattered throughout Central California.

My dad is organizing one of the projects, so I will be going to help him at a local park, where a meal and a listening ear will be provided to the homeless who stay there. It won’t necessarily be glamorous, but if Diana could do it, then so can I. 🙂

I’m not saying this to blow my own horn, but rather to encourage you do do the same thing. It only takes a glance at a working royal’s life to see the number of causes they involve themselves with and support, and there’s no better way to cap off the first National Princess Week than with a day of public service. The best thing to do is to keep an eye out for opportunities in your own hometowns, or be daring and create one yourself!