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(While the news about Prince Friso is saddening, I choose to brighten bad news with good news rather than the other way around.)

This morning, King Carl Gustav of Sweden met with his cabinet, and during that meeting, he announced the names and title of his new granddaughter (also released officially on the Swedish Monarchy website). Her full style and title is Her Royal Highness Princess Estelle of Sweden, Duchess of Östergötland. (This is cute, since that translates to English as “East Gothland,” and Estelle’s mother Crown Princess Victoria is Duchess of Västergötland, or “West Gothland.”) It seems like quite a mouthful for such a little baby, but she will more than likely rule Sweden someday.

Still no pictures of little Estelle, but video of the announcement has been released by the Royal Court. (At first, Carl Gustav is all duty when he starts talking, but eventually he does smile. This is, of course, his first grandchild he’s talking about here, never mind that she’s the future of his kingdom.)

Estelle is assumed to be for an ancestor from the House of Bernadotte, and Silvia and Ewa (pronounced ‘Eva’) are for her grandmothers, Queen Silvia and Ewa Westling. I know here in America the name brings up images of brash old ladies (the actress Estelle Getty and the character Estelle Costanza from Seinfeld jump to mind), but hopefully this will bring the name around to being fashionable again.