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Sometimes the 8-or-9-hour difference between California and the monarchies of Europe is a good thing. (Royal weddings beginning at the unholy hour of 3:00 am is another story, *cough*UK*cough*.)

Anyway, this is becoming a banner year for royals across Europe, as Prince Daniel of Sweden announced at a press conference not long ago that his wife, Crown Princess Victoria, gave birth to a girl. According to the royal announcement, the baby was born at 4:26 am Stockholm time (9 hours ahead of California time; in fact, according to my clock, the baby was born tomorrow); both mother and child are doing well.

Sweden is one of the countries with absolute primogeniture (where the eldest child may inherit the throne, regardless of gender), so this princess will follow her mother even if Victoria has a son at some point in the future. In fact, Victoria will succeed her father ahead of her younger brother, Prince Carl Philip.

Thanks to the Swedish news organization Expressen, I was able to watch the press conference, even though I could only glean a few words. (Google Translate helped me figure out the headlines.) It was kind of fun. It was super sweet to hear Daniel talk about his daughter, even if I didn’t know what he was saying. (Then again, this is the man who wiped away his own tears at his wedding a year and a half ago. I wonder if he’s a bit of a softie.) I think I even heard someone from the media pool squeal a little when he said it was a girl. No word yet on a name, since I don’t think Daniel said anything, and if he did I couldn’t make it out. (The headlines didn’t show anything looking like a name.) Once something is announced, I’ll let you know. (Update: According to the Telegraph, Daniel has said that the little princess’ name will be announced “later this week.”)

Victoria has a bit of a reputation as the “godmother of Europe” (she is godmother to twelve children, four of which stand to inherit a monarchy) so now is the chance for her and Daniel to get their friends to return the favor.

Grattis to Victoria and Daniel!