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I freely admit that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is one of my fashion role models. I like the modest style, clean lines, and feminine touches of the things she wears. As such, I do try to find pieces that borrow from those ideas, but without looking too much like a blatant copycat. (And also at extremely reduced prices.) With that in mind, I bring you RepliKate (or Duchess on a Dime).

For this post, and to celebrate Kate’s 30th birthday today, I put on a fascinator like any fashionable princess would do.

Wanted to make sure to give you a good look at it.

I found this fascinator at Icing* this past summer. I decided I wanted to make a fascinator to match the one Kate wore to the RNLI dedication in February 2011, but found this one instead.

Kate Middleton and her fascinator by Vivien Sheriff

Photo by Lea Ann Belter (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Fascinator close-up

Photo by me.

There was some birdcage netting attached, but that didn’t look so good on yours truly, so it got the trim.

Unfortunately, Icing is no longer still selling this particular fascinator, but and they always have fun fascinators and hair accessories for sale.

*Icing has yet to understand the value of online shopping, so there isn’t any information on their site about what hair accessories they have for sale. However, they do have a store locator.